• Species: Cockatiel - Lutino (See species list for details)
  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 27610
  • Date Lost: December 3, 2017
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No


From Family-

—————–UPDATE 03/30/2017————
I hope this post will give someone out there hope to keep praying for their missing beloved member of their family.
On December 03, 2017 at dusk my very bonded cockatiel flew out the door at dusk. At the time we were having appliances deliver. Immediately I began frantically calling for him, I could see the direction he flew in, however lost sight of him quickly. He flocked called me twice before going silent, as full darkness set in. I continued to look and call for him with no luck.
The days and several weeks that followed we searched the neighbourhood, posted over 400 flyers in a 4 mile radius. Several people thought I was crazy, however a few understand and prayed for Sunny aka Sunhi’s safe return. We also posted on Fb, several vets office’s, pet stores, etc.
Every few weeks, I would staple more posters everywhere. I was extremely deviststed, exhausted, and feeling so incredibly guiltily. I ran that day through me head a thousand times, and cried everyday.
I prayed that the Good Lord would protect him, feed him, keep him warm, and not allow anyone to harm my Sunhi.
In my gut I knew he was alive somewhere. When ever I was outside I would be looking up in the sky, trees, and yet no site of him. On occasion I would even think I could hear him flock call.
I just couldn’t give up hoping and praying.
On Friday March 30th 2018 00:28, 117 days after his disappearance, I received a text, which simply read: what is your missing Cockatiels band number? I answered. Initially I though it was maybe a prank, since early during our search, prank calls happened frequently.
The more the person text me, I realised this was legit.
By now I’m praying, please Lord! Let this be my baby.
The person texted and said we are located about 1.5 hours away from you, however we’d be willing to meet you half way in the morning. How very nice was that, I thought to myself. Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all that night. She sent pictures of the bird they found, and I sent pictures to them for comparison.
Fast forward to our meeting. We met at a pet store, Two of the nicest young ladies you could ever want to meet. They bought a nice cage, food, toys, and vitamins for Sunny. I mean they really went above and beyond to take good care of this bird.
So we go in the store, to make sure the bird doesn’t fly away.
I look in the cage, and there he beautiful baby. I have him step up on my finger, bring him to my face and look in his sweet eyes. I felt like it was a dream!
He immediately wanted to perch on my shoulder.
All you bird love lovers can relate to this next thing I had to do….I had to smell him.
Definitely my Sunhi.
The beautiful young woman who took great care of him said, someone found him in a random parking lot about a week prior, however had no knowledge of how to care for a cockatiel, so turned him into the pet store where the young women worked.
They soon realised that this had to be someone’s pet, and in turn searched the internet, seeing my post on Craigslist. I am so glad I reposted every time the add would expire.
They wanted to be absolutely sure it was my bird. I told them, he is part of a bonded pair, and that my female would definitely know.
They allowed me to take Sunhi home, i even offered reward money to them, but they wanted the be sure. I’m telling you these two women were a God send.
Long story short, I take him to the vet, and received a clean bill of health, just a little underweight, very tired, and in full molt, likely for stress.
All went well with the reunion with my female, with both just staring at each other.
Day 2: the young ladies and I met in the morning so we could share the information about the reunion, and so I could at the very least offer a reward to them. No amount of money could express my gratitude. Lakayla and Brittney, I will forever be grateful. God used these angels to save my baby and bring him home.
We think someone found him soon after he flew out the door in December 3, 2017 and kept him, taking him out of town. I’m not sure how he ended up in a shopping center parking lot.
So to all you heartbroken people whose babies are still out there somewhere, if in your heart you can feel your beloved is still out there, keep the faith, keep praying for your beloved safety and well being, and ultimate return.
My Sunhi and I are proof that prayer works.
Thank you God for taking care of my baby for 117 days, through the dead of winter. I believe in the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lost Yellow cockatiel named Sunny. Lost near Maybrook Rd & Lockwood Folly in Raleigh, NC off Poole rd. He is very friendly & will sit on your shoulder. Please call (919) 795-5339. Please share this post.
A reward will be offered.

Thank you

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