Since early February we have seen a number of stolen birds in Southern California. This is a reminder to owners not to leave their birds unattended outdoors or to make them visible to the public while in the house. If anyone suspects that a bird for sale may be stolen, please contact their local police and email their tip to 911 Parrot Alert, who will contact the potential owner. We are currently searching for these stolen birds:

Lakewood (Los Angeles), Yellow Nape Amazon ‘Amigo’, Mar 08.11
Fallbrook, Amazons (4) (Double Yellow Head & Orange Wing), Mar 06.11
Phelan (Victorville), Harlequin Macaw ‘Kelly’, Mar 14.11
Menifee (Riverside Cnty), Cockatiel ‘Harley’, Feb 07.11
Northridge, Scarlet Macaw ‘Bo’, Feb. 16. 11
Mission Hills, African Grey ‘Einstein, Feb 16.11


Posted by carver43 on June 1st, 2014 at 3:28 AM

onapril 23 my African grey parrot left my house in Burbank ca. and stay 2 days on trees next street I,m on the ground talking to him convince him to go with me third day was tired hungry thirsty try to come to me but was helicopter airplane flyng over. the parrot get scare fly and lost control I run after her did not found her 7pm neighbor called me and told me the bird in the alley walking on the ground in 2 minute I was there looking for her calling her till 10 pm and next day too but no luck I,m sure somebody pick her up before me I,m retired lonely missed her sold my car to pay reword.

Posted by jtomalley on May 20th, 2015 at 11:34 PM

East Los Angeles: Hybrid Macaw “Mickey” – May 14, 2015. News article from ABC 7 below:

EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A $1,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of a macaw stolen from a woman’s backyard in East Los Angeles.

Early May 14, a man allegedly jumped over Maria Chavez’s fence and opened the bird cage holding the macaw named Mickey.

Chavez ran out and struck the man with a broom, but the man grabbed the bird and pushed Chavez onto stairs, injuring her back, Chavez said.

Her dog eventually came between them, protecting Chavez.

“That dog saved me, but he couldn’t save the bird too,” she said.

The man allegedly threw Mickey against a wall, then hopped back over the fence with the bird, where another man was waiting. One ran into a white car where a driver was waiting and another fled on foot.

“The people that stole the bird, they didn’t steal a bird, they stole part of my life, my heart. I had the bird all that time. He is really special,” Chavez said.

The bird has been by her side through 28 years and her cancer treatments. Chavez added that she’s not interested in punishment, she just wants her beloved pet back.

“If they want money, I’m going to give them money. Bring back the bird. I’m not going to ask questions,” Chavez said.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were looking for the stolen macaw and any suspects.

Sgt. Richard Bojorquez said if the bird is not found, he will donate $50 to help the family buy a new bird.

Anyone with information is asked to call the East Los Angeles County sheriff’s station at (323) 264-4151.

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