Saturday afternoon when ever thing was calm I set my bird on the porch. And when I went to bring him in his cage door was open and he was gone. I need help finding him. Anyone in the Sherwood, Gravel Ridge and Jacksonville Area Please keep a look out for him He is Grey with a red tail, 12yrs old prefers women over a man. he’s very vocal talks whistles and ,makes other animals sound . Please help find my baby I hand feed him for the first part of his life. This is my lost Child. I’m not sure how far the wind could blow him. Today is Sunday Sept 2,2012 His Name is Ollie. He has a large vocabulary and cuss a lot says name’s Michelle, where’s Aaron, What’s up dawg and what’s up bro. WSP and so much more.


Posted by birdmeister1 on April 9th, 2013 at 1:31 PM

I completely sympathize about your lost family meomber. My male cockatiel flew thru a screen and landed at the top of a 200ft. fir. He then disappeared ..and I am devastated. This happened on Apr.2. and still no word. my ad on craigslist will remain for as long as it takes. Are there any honest people left out there? It seems we will go the way of Rome … apathetic, ambivolent and uncaring to others.
This loss affected not only me but his mate who has abandoned her clutch of eggs. Here’s hoping both our luck changes. T.B.

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