This area is set aside for those who:

  • Have had birds lost, found or stolen
  • Were fortunate to recover their lost family member
  • Who found a lost bird and need information to care for it
  • Wanting to support the others

Post the good things, the funny things, and the naughty things your bird did. Tell us why they are special. Ask questions on concerns you may have related to your flock. Offer suggestion to questions presented by others.

Avoid posting Rumors or Slanderous content. You can be held accountable for your words.

Seek answers to questions you have regarding how to find your fid. See what worked for others. Please be considerate and nonjudgmental toward others in the group. Flaming and abusive arguments are not allowed.

If you sell a bird related product (toys, food, cages, etc.) and are willing to offer a special discount for 911 Parrot Alert or 911 Parrot Alert Support Group Members, please contact us first before posting in the discussion forums.

Parrots are our family, and this is your place to express what you will. We all pray for their safe return.

Disclaimer: 911 Parrot Alert is not responsible for the accuracy of content in the messages posted on this board. Members have the ability to post at will. We discourage posting of Rumors and Slanderous content.

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