Injured Toucan Attacked By Vandals Receiving 3-D Printed Prosthetic Beak

COSTA-RICA-ANIMAL-ABUSE-SOCIAL-NETWORKSA bird in Costa Rica who endured a brutal attack is going to get a second chance thanks to some innovative technology.

A male toucan named Grecia lost the upper part of his beak after a group of vandals attacked the animal, according to Agence France-Presse. News of the bird’s mistreatment spread across Costa Rica in January via social media, and four companies volunteered to help Grecia recover, BBC News reported. The groups plan to create a prosthetic beak using 3-D printing in an effort to help the toucan eat on his own — a function the animal currently has great difficulty with.

The quantity he manages to eat on his own is very small, so we have to help him,” veterinarian Carmen Soto, who is looking after the toucan at the Zoo Ave rescue center, told BBC News.

Those responsible for injuring Grecia broke his beak with a block of wood, The Costa Rica News reported. Work is currently underway to create a prosthetic appropriate for the bird’s use, which will become the first of its kind in the region, BBC News reported.

We couldn’t use any type of adhesive with chemical components as it could compromise the structure of the beak,” Nelson Martinez, a designer on the team creating the prosthetic, explained to BBC. He told the outlet that he is working on a model that has “a fixed part and a moveable part so it can be cleaned or replaced as the toucan is still growing.”

While the attack on Grecia was horrific, it has raised awareness regarding animal abuse in Costa Rica. After the vicious incident was reported by local media, a crowd funded campaign was started to pay for an artificial beak for the bird. In less than 48 hours, $5,000 was raised to go toward the project, according to the fundraising page. Furthermore, the incident spurred Luis Guillermo Solís, the country’s president, to address the need to pass an animal cruelty bill, according to the Tico Times.

Solis spoke to the press about the attack last month, saying, “these acts go against the respectful and peaceful society that characterizes Costa Rica,” the outlet reported.

Wisdom, the Albatross — world’s oldest living, banded, wild bird 64yrs old

Today there is something to be thankful for at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge – Wisdom, the world’s oldest living, banded, wild bird has returned! In the picture above, she can be seen (on the left) preening her mate. Wisdom’s mate has been waiting within a few feet of the pair’s former nest site since Wednesday, November 19. Wisdom was first spotted on November 22. we can celebrate by knowing she survived another year at sea and maybe returning very soon.

This isn’t the first time these two have readied their nest. Laysan albatrosses mate for life and Wisdom has raised between 30 to 35 chicks since being banded in 1956 at an estimated age of 5.  Laying only one egg per year, a breeding albatross will spend a tiring 365 days incubating and raising a chick.

Albatross face many threats. Chicks can’t fly away from invasive predators like rats or escape weather-related risks like flooding and hot spells.  If they make it to adulthood, they face different threats.  Manmade problems like marine debris and pollution are dangers faced by all albatross. Although the population of Laysan albatross has strengthened to roughly 2.5 million, 19 out of the 22 species of albatross are threatened or endangered.

Midway Atoll NWR is home to the largest albatross colony in the world and 70% of the world’s Laysan albatross population

For more information on this amazing long-lived matriarch of the seabird world go to:

Read about Wisdom’s return last year

WATCH Wisdom lay her egg!!

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Learn more about Laysan albatross on Midway

2 Widows Heartbroken Over Lost Parrots That Mimics Late Husband’s Voices

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Widow Heartbroken Over Lost Parrot That Mimics Late Husband’s Voice

ARTICLE BY:  Neetzan Zimmerman  Filed to: LOST ANIMAL PARROT HEARTBREAKING 8/28/13 10:29am

2 Widows Heartbroken Over Lost Parrot That Mimics Late Husband’s Voice

An elderly widow from San Juan Capistrano who is hoping her pet parrot comes back to her says the lost bird was a living link to her late husband because it still spoke using the deceased man’s voice.

“My husband passed away three years ago, and he still uses my husband’s voice to tell the dogs to be quiet,

and he calls my son Patrick, or he calls my daughter Erin,” Karen McIntyre told CBS LA about her beloved African gray parrot  October. “He picks up the phone and makes telephone calls in my husband’s voice.”

The parrot has been missing since disappearing from the family’s backyard back in July, and McIntyre is now turning to the public for help in finding October and bringing him back home.

Incidentally, October became the McIntyre family pet 20 years ago after flying away from his original family who lived just down the block.

McIntyre said she found the bird underneath a parked car and returned him to his owners, asking them to think of her should he need a new home in the future.

A year later, October formally joined the McIntyres as a permanent member of their menagerie.

McIntyre is asking anyone with information on October’s whereabouts to contact her at

(Amazingly, the exact same thing happened in the Central New York town of Manlius two months ago to this other women (See video below)


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AR, Sherwood, African Grey ‘Ollie’, Sept 02. 2012

Saturday afternoon when ever thing was calm I set my bird on the porch. And when I went to bring him in his cage door was open and he was gone. I need help finding him. Anyone in the Sherwood, Gravel Ridge and Jacksonville Area Please keep a look out for him He is Grey with a red tail, 12yrs old prefers women over a man. he’s very vocal talks whistles and ,makes other animals sound . Please help find my baby I hand feed him for the first part of his life. This is my lost Child. I’m not sure how far the wind could blow him. Today is Sunday Sept 2,2012 His Name is Ollie. He has a large vocabulary and cuss a lot says name’s Michelle, where’s Aaron, What’s up dawg and what’s up bro. WSP and so much more.

Stolen Birds in Southern California. Feb-Present 2012

Since early February we have seen a number of stolen birds in Southern California. This is a reminder to owners not to leave their birds unattended outdoors or to make them visible to the public while in the house. If anyone suspects that a bird for sale may be stolen, please contact their local police and email their tip to 911 Parrot Alert, who will contact the potential owner. We are currently searching for these stolen birds:

Lakewood (Los Angeles), Yellow Nape Amazon ‘Amigo’, Mar 08.11
Fallbrook, Amazons (4) (Double Yellow Head & Orange Wing), Mar 06.11
Phelan (Victorville), Harlequin Macaw ‘Kelly’, Mar 14.11
Menifee (Riverside Cnty), Cockatiel ‘Harley’, Feb 07.11
Northridge, Scarlet Macaw ‘Bo’, Feb. 16. 11
Mission Hills, African Grey ‘Einstein, Feb 16.11



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