Welcome to 911 Parrot Alert (Official) an international group dedicated to reuniting lost and found birds. Our goal is to equip our members with the necessary tools and knowledge needed in order to reunite lost and found birds back with their families. 911 Parrot Alert has outlined some pertinent steps that should be taken in the event you have lost or found a bird which includes the following:

1. Search & Retrieve Protocol: This is an important document that will assist in your search for your missing bird. It provides guidance on what to do and how to search for your bird along with information for retrieving your bird once spotted. Please download, print and follow the instructions in the protocol at

🔸 Here are some helpful retrieval scenarios in case your bird is found stuck in a tree which includes reunited & hydration guidance once the bird has been retrieved.

2. Nextdoor: Is a free social networking service which will allow you to connect with and alert your neighborhood and community of a lost or found bird. Please get an urgent lost or found message posted in your area asap.

USA: and

3. Database: It is important to list your lost or found bird in the databases provided as both owners and finders search these databases for lost or found birds. Please post your lost or found bird in 911 Parrot Alert’s database located at AND in the databases provided on the resource page located at

4. Fliers: If you have a lost or found a parrot and need a flier created, you may do so directly from the resource page which can be printed and shared to other lost and found Facebook pages, Instagram, Nextdoor and any other online site. Fliers are an effective way to alert your neighborhood and community of a lost or found bird.

Create Flier Here:

5. Advertise: Please get a lost or found ad posted to both the ‘lost & found’ and ‘pet’ sections on Craigslist. The newspaper and local media would also be a helpful source in reaching out to people. The more people who are aware of your missing bird the better chance you have in being reunited.

Canada: and

6. Notify: If you have lost or found a bird, please notify local vets, shelters, animal control, rspca, and rescues in your area. Please check your shelters daily as their stray hold period is only 3-7 days or less.

USA & Canada: Please register with and frequently check

7. Beware of Scams: Unfortunately, there are some who like to prey on owners with missing pets. If you ever receive a text stating your bird has been found, but a verification code is needed – please block the number Immediately. Do Not Ever Send A Code.

Here is more information regarding the scam.

8. Please feel free to join 911 Parrot Alert’s State Group in the state where you currently reside.

🔹 ATTENTION FINDERS (Additional Info If You Have Found A Bird):

–  Please consider having the bird scanned for a chip as there is a possibility the bird could be microchipped (budgies/parakeets are generally too small).

–  Please keep leg band / ring numbers private and confidential and do not disclose leg band information as this is the owner’s proof of ownership.

–  Please DO NOT give a found bird to anyone who is not confirmed to be the owner. Birds are commonly targets of theft or cons. If you need a foster, please contact an admin.

–  Questions that can be asked to those inquiring about a found bird.

–  It is very important to hydrate found birds and not allow them to feast on dry food such as seeds and pellets as it could dehydrate them even more and make them ill. Please hydrate first with water and make sure they are drinking. You may offer fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, apples, kiwi fruit, cherries, pomegranates, applesauce or berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or a sprig of millet for smaller birds such as cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets or parakeets. Attached please find a link which provides ideas of healthy food choices that can be offered to birds.

–  If a found bird is injured or is fluffed up with wings drooping, this bird needs medical attention ASAP. Please know that delaying to get the bird care could result in its death.

–  If a found bird was brought to you by a cat or other mammal or was scratched, bitten, attacked, please take the bird to the vet immediately for treatment. Bacteria found in the saliva and the mouth of a mammal can be fatal. Cat bites should be considered the most dangerous as birds succumb to these type of injuries in a very short amount of time even if it seems minor. Attached are links to help locate an avian vet should you need one.

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP):

Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV):

‼️ You Are Responsible For Following The Rules ‼️
911 Parrot Alert’s Group Rules are located at  AND in the Description Section located on the right hand side of the group page.

Free Posting Sites

Notify the following for both Lost or Found birds:

  • Local newspapers
    most papers do not charge for “found” ads. Some do charge for “lost” ads
  • Local Humane Society/Shelters/SPCA
    some shelters only keep found birds for 3-7 days
  • Bird shops and pet shops that sell bird supplies
  • Local Bird Clubs
  • Local Avian Vets
  • Give a flyer to your mail carrier, or post one at your mailbox
  • Radio Stations/News Papers (for a story)
  • Bird Sanctuaries near your area
  • Zoos
  • Police/Sheriff
    make sure to physically file a report if you have lost a bird

If you have Lost a bird here are some tips for finding your bird:

Around Home

  • Search for your bird in your neighborhood. Spread the word to neighbors and neighborhood children that your bird has escaped and let them know what your bird looks like. While searching, bring along a favorite toy or treat. Make familiar sounds.
  • Put your bird’s cage outside so if he’s nearby he can see it. Many times, your bird may be near but too scared to even vocalize to let you know it. The cage and familiar toys will help to entice him.
  • If your bird has a favorite feathered friend, bring him/her outside (in his cage). You’ll only want to do this if you are home to watch over things to ensure the safety of your bird’s friend and his cage.
  • If you have any outside pets your bird doesn’t like or fears, be sure to bring them in so they won’t scare your bird away.
  • DO NOT TO GIVE UP LOOKING, birds are sometimes found years later.

Around Your Neighborhood

  • Keep in touch with your neighbors. Make sure they know how to contact you if they even THINK they’ve heard or seen him.
  • It’s quite possible that once your bird gets hungry, he will go to any human. Make sure you post signs (at least in a one mile radius near where your parrot escaped) describing your bird and giving contact information.
  • DO NOT TO GIVE UP LOOKING, birds are sometimes found years later.

Around Your Area

If you really get the word out there, it increases the chances that your bird may be returned.

  • Post signs in local veterinarian’s offices, pet stores, grocery stores, apartment bulletin boards (usually near the mailboxes areas). Have your kids post signs on the school’s bulletin board. Anywhere you think the signs will be noticed.
  • Contact your area animal rescue/shelters and have them put your bird on file so they can look out for it. Make sure they have a way to contact you. Call them every few days to make sure you keep it fresh on their minds. Be sure to ask how long they keep a lost animal on file and be sure to call back and re-list your bird if you’re still looking for him.
  • Contact any local bird breeders and let them know about your lost bird. Speak with managers at your local pet stores and let them know when you post the lost bird poster on their bulletin board. Let them know to be on the lookout. Sometimes people ‘find’ parrots and try to sell them to pet shops for quick cash.
  • Place a LOST ad in your area newspaper(s). If you offer a reward it may increase the chances that your bird will be returned. On all posters, ads, etc. make sure you mention how your lost bird is ‘family’ to you (and your children perhaps). Stress how much you care for your bird and it may help to persuade someone who may not initially intend on returning a ‘found’ bird.
  • If you do recover your lost bird, make sure to let your neighbors know and thank them for any help. Make sure you remove all the posters you put up and contact anyone you called to be on the lookout and let them know.
  • DO NOT TO GIVE UP LOOKING, birds are sometimes found years later.

More tips

If you have Found a bird here is a link to tips for caring for the bird until you find the owner:

Link to Bird Rescue Groups:

Link to Bird Shelters in your area:

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