List of Iowa Wildlife Rehabilitators

African Grey Forum

Association of Avian Veterinarians —search for avian vet here

American Pigeon Racing Union– Get info on lost and found bands on pigeons and doves.  Also, how to care for them.

BC Exotic Bird Society

Bird Board

Bird Clubs of America

Bird Hotline – Lost & Found Birds
(updated once-a-month)

Birdmart  – Lost & Found Birds
Lost & Found Birds

Birds of a Feather Aviculture Society

Birds n Ways

Caique Forum

Cockatiel Cottage

Conure Crazy

Flealess – Lost & Found Birds

For the Birds – Message Board

Global Parrot Transport

Good Bird, Inc. – Lost Bird Flyer!

Jungle Walk
Parrot Sounds!

Lost and Found –  Lost & Found Birds

Lost and Pound – Lost & Found Birds

Macaw Forum

Missing Pet Partnership – Poster creation tips!

National Pigeon Association

Parrot Parrot

Parrot Talk

Perroquet Secours Canadian  lost and found parrot site in French!

Pet Amber Alerts

Pet Harbor – Shelter Listings–Enter your zip code and obtain shelters in your area. Lost and Found listings there.


Pets Missing in Action

Pets 911 – Lost & Found Birds

Quakerville–Everything Quaker

Return My Pet

Tail Feathers

The Alex Foundation

United Avian Registry

Rescue Links

Avian Rescues/Sanctuary/Placement Orgs

Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Service

Freedom Fights

Gabriel Foundation

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Heartland Bird Rescue & Aviary

Home Forever Parrot Rescue of Michigan


Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario

Parrotdise Bird Rescue, Inc

Parrot Rehabilitation Society

Phoenix Landing 

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue

Safe Haven Parrot Refuge

Second Chance Birds

The Bailey Foundation

The Oasis

Wilson Parrot Foundation

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