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  • Your LOST posting was referred to


    Please check our database

    the zip code area should be no less than 50 miles.

    We have thousands of parrots registered with new entries daily.

    You can also enter he/she into our database.

    Please contact me if any help needed…I know this is a stressful time for you..

    Praying for a safe return.
    911 Parrot Alert owner



    Sad to see your parrot escaped….a missing parrot is any owners worst nightmare… 
    Your ENTRY in the ONLINE database DOES NOT EXPIRE. 
    Use the CONTACT US FORM and we will update your listing on the website–>>
    Please keep us updated: 
    *if there are sightings. 
    *rewards added or changed.
    *you want the listing updated as STILL MISSING
    *your bird is reunited
    *or any other information you wish to add or remove.
    Ensure you enter your bird’s information eg: LOST LA Baton Rouge parakeet ‘Fluffy’ Dec 12-14 
     Sign up for BOTH LOST and FOUND email alerts–>


People find parrots and make a contact with LOST BIRD owners.
 If the FOUND bird is not theirs, it could be yours.
Make sure they have your contact information and you theirs.
 Encouraging others to list their lost or found parrots into our database will lead to more parrots being reunited and a greater chance of you finding yours.
 Get a police report…….this will help prove YOURS ESCAPED. 
Notify animal control….send them a pic… 
Check places on and offline for/on people selling PARROTS OF SAME SPECIES….These are some of the ways lost parrots are found.
We have Face Book Group and Page..they contain different listings. TRACK THESE POSTINGS.
 1->>> facebook group 
2->>> facebook page 
Go to and check the shelters within a 50-mile radius at least. 
 1– You have to list your postal/zip code 
 2– then under lost select OTHER…birds come under FOWL. 
You can also register LOST PARROTS on that site. 
Contact your local humane society…Alert them – send a picture…. 
Put notices in store windows, on gas pumps, in the back window of your cars, etc…….try to get a local TV station/radio talk show to do a special interest story…. 
Contact vets, esp stores in your area..LEAVE/FAX A POSTER AFTERWARDS
 Find and contact bird clubs, bird breeders in your area…..
 IF BANDED… your breeder and advise your parrot is missing…. make sure he/she has your UPDATED contact info—- some breeders DO NOT KEEP RECORDS.
Someone may contact her/him using the band information.
Don’t give up looking….It can take days, weeks, months etc to get them back.
I have seen people re-list found parrots months and years after they have been found. 
Offer a REWARD..LIST AN AMOUNT…enough to appeal to the greed of anyone that found or may know the whereabouts to return yours-not keep. praying for a safe return..…… if questions contact me


PetSmart stores (800) 738-1385
ext. 2518 PetSmart, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
19601 North 27th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85027







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