UPDATE 2: Do you know this bird? Well…he’s found a new home
By Patrick Robinson
West Seattle Herald reader Kim Hart reported on March 12 that she had found a parakeet. She said via email that evening, “He is doing good. The little guy slept from about 7:00pm – 7:00am and then I found him munching on some seed. He is happy in his dog crate turned bird cage.”
He was found near the intersection of s.w. 116th St & 26th s.w. Hart reported that, “He doesn’t seem to be shy.”
Hart operates a pet care service called Hart 2 Hart Pet Care that offers dog walking and Pet Sitting services so if the bird had to be found by someone, he picked the perfect person.
Via Facebook tonight Mar. 16, Kim, who had considered offers of adoption since the owners have not contacted her, chose to give him a home herself.
“The saga of the little lost bird is over. Since it didn’t work out for (the prospective new owner) I have decided to keep the little guy. He will now be know as Peaches. He is happily singing away in his brand new cage. He is so happy to be out of the dog crate.”
Hart had considered just adopting the bird at first but her dog Tristan “a little terrier mix” is “completely obsessed” with the bird, which prompted her to ask around for anyone interested. “I’m hoping the excitement will die down after a day or two of Peaches officially joining the family. I have two other dogs another older Standard Schnauzer Ziggy,” said Hart.
That ought to tell you something about Kim Hart and how much she loves and cares for animals. If you have an animal that needs care or a dog that requires walking, you might want to give her a call.

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