• Species: Senegal (See species list for details)
  • Location: Alymer Gatineau, Quebec, , Canada J9H 4G1
  • Date Found: July 16, 2016
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: Don't Know

I found this amazing bird flying in my neighborhood when I lived in Aylmer Gatineau Quebec, around 7 or 8 yeas ago.. I actually do not remember the date. It was summer, and he was hiding in the trees coming down for treats, so I put a cage in the backyard filled with fresh water daily, broccoli, nuts, batons, and grapes.. he would fly in and grab a bite and fly away with it.. after about a week of this, he decided to stay in the cage and have a good meal. The door was shut and he was caught!! 🙂

I looked everywhere for his people, I posted at all the vets and the local community paper, phoned bird shops, hair salons, everywhere, as I thought he might be a mascot of an organization as he talked a lot, and seemed to know things that an ordinary raised bird might not. Unfortunately, I never found his people, but I fell in love with him and we have spent many wonderful years together. I am now 72 yrs and my health is not good, so I am hoping once again to find his people. I know he was loved very much as he was well-trained and has an amazing vocabulary. I hope if you are out there that you will read this as I sadly can no longer keep him and will have to look for a new home for him.

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