Not sure what breed/White body, brown forehead, white Elvis collar, orange eyes and feet, size of small pigeon

I was walking my dogs this evening (9/4/11) and I found a bird that was sitting on a dumpster in downtown Albany.  The bird is white on its body except for its forehead, which is brown.  It has a white collar like Elvis behind the brown forehead.  It also has orange eyes with red surrounding them and I think orange feet.  It’s definitely not a native bird.  About the size of a small pigeon.  Very gentle, I was able to catch it fairly easily.  I’m interested in what kind of bird it is, but also I’d like to know what to do with it.  Right now it is perching on my bookshelf.  We have cats, dogs, rats, hamsters…we can’t keep it, but the animal control person said that they do not have a policy for birds (in Albany at least) and they would probably dispose of it.

Any suggestions?  Thanks very much.


PS – feel free to share this with others if  you think it would be helpful.  I live in Center Square in Albany

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