• Species: African Grey - Timneh (See species list for details)
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Date Found: April 4, 2011
  • Phone Number: (602)xxx-xxxx

**911 note. Tuli and I were baffled that we couldn’t find any listings for lost Timneh African Greys in the Phoenix area. So we thought we’d try tracing the band number, but quickly realized it was an import band and that was going to be next to impossible. I had just emailed Tuli that fact the night before when early the next morning I saw a listing in my ‘Google Alerts’ for a lost Timneh in Phoenix [LOST: AZ, Phoenix, Timneh African Grey ‘Cesar’, Apr 05.11]. It was exactly the bird Tuli had described from the missing feathers on its head down to the import band on its leg. We were extremely relieved that the owner had finally advertised for their missing bird.

On another note, Tuli continues to search the Phoenix area for her missing Congo African Grey ‘Nikko’, who escaped on March 2, 2011. So 911 members, keep an eye out for this lost Grey in Phoenix. Let’s bring Nikko home!**


Hi Karen, Daniel and his partner Jarrod have happily reunited with their lost African Grey Timneh, “Cesar”.  He called me at 7 this morning and of course described him to perfection.  Within the hour we were celebrating our new friendship and shedding happy tears of relief.  I can’t even begin to describe how full my heart is that this little bird found it’s way home.  A special thank you goes out to Kyle who found “Cesar” and let me take him home to try to find his owner.  He responded to one of my many postings for “Nikko” my lost African Grey Congo.  I pray we can be reunited soon too.  A very special thank you to Karen and 911ParrotAlert for all her diligence in helping us find our beloved pets.  Thank you Craigslist, and bless you Jeannie, my personal angel for keeping my hopes alive.

Tuli Molina

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