A Mickaboo volunteer has been in touch with the finder of this bird and reports it is
a Sun Conure.
Found parrot-type bird in Livermore, CA (Bay Area) on
Friday 7/29/11.

Identify bird for return.

Email finder at this link


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: CA, Dublin, Cockatiel, Jul 23.11
  • LOST: CA, Dublin, Cockatiel ‘Pinky’, Jun 26.11
  • LOST: CA, Danville, Parakeet ‘Buddy’, Jun 18.11
  • LOST: CA, Danville, Cockatiel ‘Chester’, Jun 08.11
  • LOST: CA, San Ramon, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Chester’, Jun 08.11
  • LOST: CA, Livermore, Cockatiels, Apr 10.11
  • LOST: CA, Sunol, Cockatiel ‘Spaz’, Jul 25.10


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