• Species: Parrot - General (See species list for details)
  • Location: Greenwich, Connecticut, United States 06830
  • Date Found: August 4, 2011
  • Banded: Yes

The bird that I reported found has found its master now.
Kindly remove my announcement.
Thank you for your service.


Grey bird (parrot-sized) with red tail feathers. Banded. Found near Greenwich Harbor. Does not make any noise. Very tame. Not afraid of humans.

Bird got water and peanuts today. Doing well. Not caged, but free to fly.

Call 203-637-5872 if you are the owner and are prepared to identify the bird by the numbers on bird’s leg band.
No other calls, please.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: CT, Enfield, Congo African Grey ‘Merlyn’ (banded), Aug 03.11
  • LOST: NY, Floral Park (Long Island), Congo African Grey ‘Sophie’, Aug 02.11
  • LOST: NY, Ridge (Long Island), African Grey ‘Bob’, Jul 28.11
  • LOST: CT, Woodbridge, Congo African Grey ‘Gypsy’, Jul 19.11
  • More Info LOST: MA, Chicopee, Congo African Grey ‘Toby Sherwood’ (banded), July 07. 11
  • LOST: NJ, Cresskill, Congo African Grey ‘DaVinci’ (banded), July 02. 11 posted
  • Phone LOST: NJ, South Plainfield, African Grey ‘Hamlet’, Jun 30.11
  • LOST: NY, New York (Soho), Congo African Grey ‘Kaiku’, Jun 26.11
  • LOST: NJ, New Milford, African Grey ‘Angel’, June 19. 11 posted
  • Still LOST: NY, Bronx, Congo African Grey ‘Einstein’ (banded), Jun 13.11
  • LOST: NY, Elmsford, African Grey ‘Mikey’ (banded), June 11. 11
  • LOST: NY, Queens, Congo African Grey ‘Charle’ (banded), June 07. 11
  • Still LOST: NJ, Rumson, African Grey ‘Roxy’, May 28. 11
  • LOST: NJ, Frelinghuysen Township, African Grey ‘Prince’, May 28. 11
  • More Info LOST: NY, Staten Island, African Grey ‘Robbie’ (banded), May 11.11
  • LOST: NY, Corona, Congo African Grey ‘Charlie’ (banded), May 07. 11
  • LOST: NY, Cortlandt Manor, African Grey ‘Rosey’ (banded), Apr. 26. 11
  • LOST: NY, Hempstead (Long Island), Congo African Grey ‘Cookie’, Apr 04.11
  • LOST: NY, Hempstead, African Grey ‘Cookie’ (banded), Apr. 03. 11
  • Pic, LOST: NJ, Fairview, Congo African Grey ‘Dusty’ (banded), Mar. 26. 11
  • Email, LOST: CT, Bethel, Congo African Grey ‘Niko’, Mar. 19. 11
  • Pic, More Info LOST: NJ, Franklin Lakes, Congo African Grey ‘Max’ (banded), Mar 17.11
  • LOST: NJ, Wayne, Congo African Grey ‘Tookie’, Mar. 15. 11
  • LOST: NY, Bohemia (Long Island), African Grey ‘Shelby’, Mar 13.11
  • LOST: NY, Brooklyn, Congo African Grey ‘Ruby’ (banded), Feb. 13. 11
  • LOST: PA, Levittown, Congo African Grey ‘Putcho’, Oct 27.10
  • Still LOST: NJ, Piscataway, Congo African Grey ‘Brandi’ (banded), Sept 20.10
  • Still LOST: NY, Bronx, Congo African Grey ‘Dusty’ (banded), May 14.10
  • LOST: NJ, Princeton, Congo African Grey ‘Sahara’ (banded), May 03.03

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