I discovered a tropical bird in my backyard (Mon., July 11) obviously someone’s lost pet. If you can properly identify him/ her, then it’s very likely there can be a happy story to this. Thanks.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: FL, Cocoa, Moustached Parakeet ‘Elmo’, July 01. 11
  • LOST: FL, Cocoa, Moustached Parakeet ‘Elmo’, Jul 01.11
  • LOST: FL, Palm Bay, B&G Macaw ‘Bucky’, June 26. 11
  • LOST: FL, Satellite Beach, White Faced Cockatiel ‘Ash’, June 08. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Melbourne, Congo African Grey, June 04. 11
  • LOST: FL, Palm Bay, Quaker (grn), May 30. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Cape Canaveral, Amazon, May 22. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Cocoa, Eastern Rosella ‘Miss Rosella’, Apr. 23. 11
  • LOST: FL, Suntree, Moluccan Cockatoo, Apr. 16. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Cape Canaveral, Gray Cockatiel ‘Marley’, Apr. 12. 11
  • LOST: FL, Cape Canaveral, Sun Conure, Mar. 10. 11 posted
  • Still LOST: FL, Palm Bay, White Eyed Conure ‘Mocha’ (banded), Nov 13. 09


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