This beautiful African Grey flew up to me and wouldn’t let me go, so I ended up taking it home.I found him/her at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Miami. It’s a very well trained bird and I would probably keep it, if I had the space, time and NO cats.I do hope this birds owner is looking for it.Please tell me what is on the ring, what foot the ring is on and what is special about this bird. He/She already showed off some talent!looking forward to hear from you!


Today 6/6/11 this beautiful African Grey parrot flew up to me, while I was walking back from an office inside the Airport Sheraton hotel to my car.
I have no clue about birds, but it didn’t want to leave my side, said something and followed me.
Miami Animal Control for wildlife was already closed and I didn’t want to drop this beauty in a box and leave it there as it was suggested on their voicemail, so I took the parrot home.
If you are missing an African Grey, can tell me if it has anything specific about him, what words he says and what gestures or noises he makes, contact me asap!
I’ve never had a bird and since I have cats, don’t plan on keeping this one.
It is a very well trained parrot and has a ring (tell me which foot), so I know it belonged to someone!
Send me a picture of your parrot in your reply and where you’ve lost it and how long ago.
Hope to hear from it’s owner!
Cheers Jen


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