We found a young, hand tame and very friendly cockateil in our front yard. Can’t fly very well, think wings may be clipped. Put up flyers, asked around area and posted in lost and found. No honest replies. People are selling these birds. We want no money, just a good home for this sweet little bird. We are animal lovers with several pets. Not birds, the dog wants to eat the bird. We don’t know how to care for the bird. Have it in the cat carrier now with bread and water. The bird eat all the bread. We don’t have a cage or anything for a bird. Reply if you are interested. This bird is not for resale, free to good long term home. Near Seminole mall. Bird lovers only reply.


found young grey cockateil, hand tame. found today in my yard. 8/22/2011.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: FL, St Petersburg, Gray Cockatiel, Aug. 18. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Tampa, Normal Gray Cockatiel, Aug. 17. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Madeira Beach, Gray Cockatiel, Aug. 08. 11
  • LOST: FL, Carrollwood, Normal Gray Cockatiel ‘Cena’ (banded), Aug. 05. 11
  • LOST: FL, Tampa, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Cena’ (banded), Aug 04.11
  • LOST: FL, Dunedin, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Lulu’, Aug 05.11
  • Phone, LOST: FL, Dunedin, Gray Cockatiel ‘Lulu’, July 23. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Tampa, Gray Cockatiel ‘Gargy’, July 17. 11
  • Still LOST: FL, St. Petersburg, Pied Cockatiel ‘Mr. Peeps’, July 13. 11
  • Still LOST: FL, St Petersburg, White Faced Cockatiel ‘Bella’, June 19. 11
  • LOST: FL, St Petersburg, Cockatiel, May 22. 11
  • LOST: FL, Tampa, Gray Cockatiel, May 20. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Clearwater, Pied Cockatiel ‘Skipper’, May 19. 11 posted
  • More Info LOST: FL, St Petersburg, Pied Cockatiel ‘Prudle’ (banded), May 11. 11
  • LOST: FL, St. Petersburg, Pied Cockatiel, Apr. 19. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Pinellas Park, Gray Cockatiel ‘Juanito’, Apr. 10. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, St. Petersburg, Gray Cockatiel ‘Rosie’, Mar. 31. 11 posted
  • LOST: FL, Clearwater Beach, Pearl Cockatiel ‘Pi’, Mar. 13. 11
  • Still LOST: FL, Palm Harbor, Normal Gray Cockatiel ‘Pete’, Nov. 08. 10

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