From finder- I put fliers up around my neighborhood and found the RIGHTFUL owner.


I found it sitting in a flower pot on my 12th-floor balcony in Chicago (Old Town/Gold Coast neighborhood). It is very tame and friendly; it flew onto my shoulder right away and will perch on my finger when I put out my hand. It was thirsty and quite hungry, so I’m not sure how long it has been out lost. His feathers and wings appear in good condition. It is not banded. I contacted the vet offices nearby and the one that does take care of exotic pets has not seen this bird before, so I’m not certain he lives in this area. I’m not very familiar with parrots so I don’t know how far they can fly. I have a wonderful neighbor who keeps birds and is helping me with the search and also with housing the parrot so that it is safe and cared for until we can locate the owner.

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