Grey cockatiel with orange cheek patches. Very tame.

Found bird (Munster), Found a friendly pet bird at 7pm on 9/6/11 in Munster on Harrison Avenue. Send an e-mail describing your lost feathered friend. We hope to reunite him with his owner!


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  • LOST: IL, Chicago (Beverly), Male Eclectus Parrot, Aug 25 .11
  • LOST: IN, Highland, Gray Cockatiel, Aug. 14. 11
  • LOST: IL, Blue Island, Congo African Grey ‘Rubi’, Aug. 13. 11
  • LOST: IL, Crestwood, White Faced Cockatiel ‘Mellow’, Jun 19.11
  • LOST: IN, Highland, Quaker ‘Chance’, June 17. 11
  • LOST: IL, Steger, Golden Conure ‘Lavada’, Jun 14.11
  • LOST: IN, Dyer/Munster, Lovebirds (2), May 20. 11
  • LOST: IN, Cedar Lake, Lutino Cockatiel ‘Chico’, May 18. 11

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