We found what appears to be someone’s pet bird in our backyard in Goshen last week. We are taking care of it, but would like to find its owner (s) ASAP. If you contact me – you can describe the bird, tell me when and where you lost it, and we’ll work out a way to get it back to you. It looks like a parrot, but it’s not.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: IN, Perry, Normal Gray Cockatiel ‘Willie Bird’ (banded), July 12. 11
  • Update STOLEN (LOST): IN, Kendallville, Timneh African Grey ‘Patti’ (banded), June 05. 11
  • Still LOST: IN, Granger, Blue Crown Conure ‘Mac’, Apr 24.11
  • LOST: IN, Fort Wayne, Parakeet (ylw), Mar. 17. 11

Contact Listing Author

Email: 1-574-642-5045 / 1-574-370-0147