Found Bird (Radcliff, KY), Found a beautiful bird today in the parking lot at wal mart. Very tame, friendly well socialized. It has been brought inside and is rooming with my other bird (same kind). It is currently being fed zupreem pellets, not a finicky eater. it appears to have only been loose for a couple of days as it is a healthy weight. We gave it food and water and took it out from the heat. If you are missing your bird contact me with the

any unique qualities.

I have had plenty of time and opportunity to look over this bird and have noticed very special and unique things about it, so if you cannot provide this information, this is not your bird. Whoever took the time to tame and train this bird will know these things!

If not claimed, the bird will be kept with me as my own pet. The bird will not go to a shelter, will not be relinquished to the vet. I have posted in numerous locations about the finding of this bird. If this is your bird and it has been turned loose due to a lack of wanting to care for it, I suggest not telling me because I will notify authorities and have you reported for animal abandonment.

Thank you for reading!

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