When Ann-Marie McCardell  found “Lucky” the little yellow parakeet in her yard near Gunn and Rochester roads on Tuesday, she immediately spread the word of the missing bird on Patch.

Two days later, the bird’s owner saw the story and called McCardell.

Instead of asking for her bird back, however, she asked McCardell if she would like to keep it.

“It seems she had five parakeets,” wrote McCardell in an email to Patch. “She had put (them) out on her patio in their cage for some fresh air and sunshine.”

Something knocked the birds’ cage over, McCardell said, and the birds escaped and flew away from the woman’s home near Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills.

As it turns out, the Rochester Hills woman had originally found the first of her five birds, then bought a second to keep the first one company. Then, an acquaintance gave her three more birds.

“Since she never really wanted them in the first place (and) was just taking care of them because they were in her care,” wrote McCardell, “she is okay with getting rid of them.”

McCardell added, “We already have two parakeets and have the room for another, and my kids adore birds. What the heck, we now have three birds.”

McCardell took Lucky to Goodison Veterinary Center Wednesday, where he received a clean bill of health and had his wings clipped to prevent another escape.


Do you know this bird?

The yellow parakeet was found in the Deer Point subdivision at Gunn and Rochester roads in Oakland Township on Tuesday. The bird is being cared for by a resident until its owner can be found.

If you are the owner or have any information about this bird, please call 248-xxx-xxxx

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