While looking for our lost cockatiel we have found another. This bird was found on 8/9 or 8/10 in Wyoming, Michigan near Clyde Park. The person who had him was not a bird person, stated that we should take him “just in case” because “don’t they all look alike anyway?” Well, no, my Didgeri was a normal gray and this bird is significantly lighter, possibly a cinnamon. I believe it’s a male, it does chirp quite a bit but is not a screamer and has not said any identifiable words. Somewhat friendly, will step up but does not stay long and will also bite when frightened. Seems to enjoy being talked to though and is pretty friendly towards the other birds. Seems young, wings are clipped and he doesn’t fly very well so I suspect he was found very close to home. Hope we can help him find his way home!

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