found bird shakopee (shakopee), we found a lovely bird tonight , he/she flew up to us as we sat on our patio. The bird is safe in our home. e-mail me with description of your bird and I will call you back if it matches. thanks!

Found, Sunday July 17 in Shakopee/Prior Lake area. Not sure if it’s a small cockatiel or a large parakeet….kind of big but looks very tropical and definitely tamed. He/she flew onto our deck and never left! Very tame, ate crackers out of our hand and wouldn’t leave us even after we went into the house. He attempted 3 times to fly into the sliding glass doors to join us in the house. We picked him up and put him in our dog kennel, are giving him crackers and water but we can not keep him/her long term. Allows you to pick him/her up….very, very sweet. We really want to find it’s owners. Please call if you think he/she is yours! Jack, 612-229-8375

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