• Species: Cockatiel (See species list for details)
  • Location: Hickory, North Carolina, United States 28601
  • Date Found: July 16, 2011
  • Banded: No

good morning, the girl (daughter) lives in morganton and saw the ad on craigslist and e-mailed me, i am going to forward the e-mails to you and you can read them and my response, but after the 3 e-mails i told the daughter that they were welcome to come look at it and try and tell if it was her bird, at the time i did not know that the bird got away from her in landrum, sc and that she had had him 10 yrs.,but the fact that she was willing to drive all that way just to see the bird kinda made me think that it was her bird and the fact that she got excited when the daughter told her that my husband caught it while feeding it a cracker, because her bird loved crackers and pretzels, made me think it was her bird plus the fact that she said her dog would bark at the bird and the bird would just sit and look down at the dog, well the cage that we had it in was close to our fence so that our dog would bark at it and it seemed like it was ok with that, anyway i hope we made the right decision in letting her have it, i told her that we just wanted the owner to have it back and it to have a good home and be taken care of, anyway i told the daughter to keep me updated on the bird and let me know how it does but don’t know if she will or not, if i don’t hear from her then i will e-mail her in about a week and hope she responds, anyway have a blessed day, doris


It seems to be used to people but does not want to be hand handled, it tries to bite if get too close with finger or hands, but seems to like to be talked too, have not heard it say any words, but got it a small mirror with bell on today and just loves it, it started singing and pecking at the mirror like it was really pleased, so if you think this is your bird please e-mail to identify, i would love to re-unite with owner, thanks

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