Large parrot found in the Hopewell Twp.,/Bridgeton NJ area. Parrot was brought to me with a very injured eye, medical attention will be given to it tomorrow. I am the Chairman for the So. Jersey Bird Club Parrot Adoption Program. Please call or email me with a description of this parrot. Proof of ownership is required. If the owner is not found within a two week period it will be placed up for adoption.


Emailed finder these listings…

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  • LOST: NJ, Beverly, Yellow Collared Macaw, July 18. 11 posted
  • LOST: NJ, Millville, African Grey ‘Charles’, July 17. 11
  • LOST: MD, Parkville, Cockatoo, Jul 14.11
  • LOST: NJ, Keansburg, B&G Macaw ‘Quest’, July 10. 11
  • Phone LOST: NJ, South Plainfield, African Grey ‘Hamlet’, Jun 30.11
  • LOST: DE, Smyrna, White Cockatoo ‘Taffy’ (banded), June 27. 11 posted
  • LOST: NJ, Laurence Harbor, Yellow Naped Amazon (banded), June 10. 11 posted
  • LOST: NJ, West Deptford, Eclectus ‘Beaker’, June 10. 11
  • Still LOST: NJ, Rumson, African Grey ‘Roxy’, May 28. 11
  • More Info LOST: NJ, Blackwood/Somerdale, Rose Breasted Cockatoo ‘Nibler’, May 28. 11
  • LOST: PA, Glenolden (Philadelphia), Red Headed Amazon ‘Max’, May 15.11
  • LOST: PA, Yorkana, Blue Front Amazon, May 12. 11
  • LOST: DE, Camden/Wyoming, African Grey, May 07. 11
  • More Info LOST: NY, Staten Island, African Grey ‘Robbie’ (banded), May 11.11
  • LOST: PA, Lititz, Timneh African Grey ‘Maggie’, May 06.11
  • More Info LOST: PA, Manheim, Timneh African Grey ‘Venus’ (chipped), May 03.11
  • Still LOST: NJ, Villas, Congo African Grey ‘Jill’, Apr. 18. 11
  • LOST: MD, Dundalk, Baby Congo African Grey ‘Sania’, Feb.27.11
  • LOST: PA, Levittown, Congo African Grey ‘Putcho’ (banded/chipped), Oct 27.10
  • Still LOST: NJ, Piscataway, Congo African Grey ‘Brandi’ (banded), Sept 20.10
  • LOST: NJ, Princeton, Congo African Grey ‘Sahara’ (banded), May 03.03
  • LOST: NJ, Marlton, Congo African Grey ‘Sophie’ (banded), April 1994

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