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The lost cockatiel that we reported about last week has been reunited with its owner! We ran an article in the paper (and online at last week about a cockatiel that flew into a garage in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood in Medford. The family that found the bird contacted local veternarians, the police, animal control, bird clubs, Craig’s List and generally asked around — to no avail. Eventually, they took the bird to the Hartford Animal Hospital. Fortunately, a woman named Janet who works at the Ironstone Village office of chiropractor John O’Hea read the article in The Central Record and remembered that one of their patients had been upset about her lost cockatiel. After reading the article, Janet contacted the patient, who then contacted the animal hospital and the two were reunited.


The bird is yellow and grey with a tag. We found him flying in the trees this morning. Please email us his tag number so he can go home.


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