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Parrot hits links, still seeks home

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Take Fran Mullin of Feasterville. He’s a self-employed businessman who was raised in Bensalem, and that’s where he was playing golf about a week and half ago when the weirdest thing happened.ran and his golf buddies were on the fifth tee at the country club on a Wednesday afternoon when Fran saw a shadow swoop down at him from the overcast sky.

The guys laughed. On Fran’s shoulder was a beautiful green parrot with a yellow chest.

Fran said the bird looked well cared for. It really likes people. Someone had to be looking for it. Fran called the Women’s Humane Society, some rescue groups. One of his three adult kids helped him search Facebook. He put an ad in the paper. A couple of folks called the number 267-738-7432, but they were looking for yellow parrots, or bigger parrots, or parrots that weren’t Tee.

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