We have an African Grey Parrot (we believe female judging from size and head shape) that was found at the Philadelphia Outlets Mall in Limerick PA the week of June 13th. This bird has lightly clipped wings and has some unique features that only the real owner could describe. Remarkably, we have two other parrots (one also an African Grey) so this found bird has a wonderful home here with two other bird buds that have become truly affectionate friends. Regardless, we are concerned to get this bird back to it’s rightful owner if they are upset about the loss of this bird. This bird is banded so reporting the band numbers to us can identify your bird without any doubt. However, should the owner not know the numbers, there are other strikingly unique feathers about this bird that could be described by someone intimately familiar with this bird.
We prefer any potential owner reply to this notice through email with a description of the bird (photo would be great but not required) along with thier address and telephone number and we will be sure to reach out to you.

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