THAT cockatiel was found over 1 month ago, by ANOTHER person.  And I paid the woman $250 reward.  There’s a story to that too.  The woman saw my ad in the paper for MY cockatiel who was missing and said she found this one in the snow in her yard 3 months ago.  As it was raining and the area she was located at was not only 20 miles away but in a very disreputable section of York PA, I asked her if she looked at the picture of my bird I have posted online, and she said yes.  So I went there.  The bird was silent, and had the right eye shape, the right nail color, and the right deepness in the grey portion to be my Paulie.  It even came to me.  However, it was in bad shape.  The back tail feather – the one that tells their age — was gone.  The flight feathers in both wings – thats the 2 main flight feathers that only a person who knows what they’re doing and wants to keep them near ground level when flying – had been cut — and cut too far as whomever did it made them bleed and staunched the flow by singing the ends which means the feathers will not grow back.  And the bird was very quiet.  Not a peep.  And very skinny.  I figured it was my Paulie and he was traumatized and in shock – he had to be if he wound up in such a bad state.  I asked the woman to hold him while I got her reward out, and she was bitten several times.   Looking at the cage she had him in all those months — a parakeet cage for the beginner that was completely rusty, a little cardboard jewelry box with a beak size hold cut out with a little PARAKEET seed in it, and a little water.  One perch which was a tree branch from her yard that was way too small in diameter. Then I asked if she was all right, and she said it must smell her cats on her.  Then she kicked a small box my way and said I can carry “it” home in that.  I said he’ll be fine, he rides with me.  I carried him in my hands to the car, and he rode on my shoulder all the way home.  And not a peep, not a preen to my hair, nor a peck on the ear.   I figured he was so traumatized.  I cried all the way home.  And when I got home, I brought him in to Peter, Peggy and the rest of my birds, settled him in,  and said I’d be back soon as I really have to go to my shop.  I also figured he’d come around if he’s with the rest of his kind.  But there was no change Saturday when I got home, nor Sunday.  Monday, my quality time with my birds, again there was no change, so I figured if I spritzed him with a little water he might come around as he used to like that.  I was like “wow you must have been everywhere – you’re filthy” for all the water that dropped off was grey.  However, as he started to preen himself, ruffling his feathers, it wasn’t dirt at all – it was paint, or dye, or something — this bird was a very light grey pearl with flecks of white, and wasn’t skinny due to malnutrition but young.  I quickly put 2 and 2 together after calling the local pet store to ask how much a cockatiel goes for, and sure enough – $90.  The woman made a profit off of me through deception.  I called the woman back, and she said she doesn’t give refunds – however, she’ll be glad to take it off my hands if I want to give it to her.  At this point I doubt anyone would be willing to reimburse me my $250 for the bird, so I decided to give it whatever love I have and incorporate it into my family.  I have tried many names, and the one it responds to is Zhivago, so who ever had it must have called it by a name similiar enough.
So if you’re going to post the bird into your data base, be sure to include the $250 I will be wanting back.
Thank you!


FOUND Cockatiel, pearl, very light gray, very young, very flighty, vicinity of Faquar Park in York. Call

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