Hello, this is Scott. I will be adopting out the cockatiel I have after all. I have to move back to clear lake for work there and really don’t want to have to move the bird around to much between two locations.
I have a couple people wanting to adopt him. I am asking $60.00 to cover costs incurred (well at least the food, cage, I did do testing for Pssiticosis and he is negitive). THis will help me since I was out of full time work, and have to relocate back to old Technician position down south.
If interested let me know. I will include the cage I did get which is smaller but ideal as a cleaning cage or backup should you already have one. I stll have addtional millet sprays for him and a bit more mixed high gold food left.


Found and caught Cockatiel (was unclipped) near Apartments on Graham drive Tomball, Texas. Contact I am a Veterinary Technician. I clipped his wing feather to prevent her flying away again. Trying to calm her, offering food and water. Seemed slightly dehydrated and stressed.

Found 4/10/2011. Looking for owner. At a later time will keep or adopt to foster care or a responsible bird owner (should be tested for psittacosis before introducing to another group of birds-Adoption fee applies to qualifying persons should adoption be concidered).

Standard Grey/White/Orange face. Large whitish/yellow spot on back of neck.


Called LOST: TX, Tomball/Spring, Cockatiel ‘Daisey’ (gry), Nov 17.10

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