Lost budgie found at Woodpeckers Care Home
by Colten Care Ltd on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 10:26am.

Normally new residents to Colten Care’s nursing home Woodpeckers, based in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, arrive through the front door. Tarquin the budgie, however, sent feathers flying by crash-landing in the garden to the surprise of residents on Sunday afternoon, May 8th.

The turquoise blue budgie was rescued by the home’s kitchen porter Carmelo Marciano and has proved surprisingly tame. “I simply walked up to it, put my finger out and it hopped on. It’s a sweet little bird and is obviously used to human contact. It was also very hungry so it has must have been been trying to find its home for a couple of days.”

The budgie, since nicknamed Tarquin, has been homed with Woodpeckers’s two other budgies Bella and Billy but the staff are keen to reunite Tarquin with his owners. “We would love to keep him,” says Shirley Smith, the Activities Organiser, “but we are worried that the longer Tarquin and Billy stay in the same cage together the greater the chance that they might start fighting over Bella. Also, he is so tame that we know someone out there must be missing him and it would be great if we could reunite him with his owner.”

If you think Tarquin is yours, please call Woodpeckers on 01590 623280

Tarquin the Budgie at Woodpeckers Care Home, Brockenhurst

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