…he was on the top of his cage and just flew off. As she was leaving out of town for the weekend. He was found very close to where she lives and had been loose for 4 days.

Hi his name is Harley and he is 4 years old. His owner is a Ladie who ran an ad in the paper. She is out of town so we have him until Sunday evening. My son found him. He runs a lawn service and was at a customers home when he saw it on the ground. He walked toward it and the bird came to him. He got him on his gloved hand but when he reached for him he flew into a tree. They caught him again and put him in a open air tool box on the lawn truck. Borrowed a cage from my step daughter and brought him to our home. He is doing well and appears to be fine. Do you think the owner should have him checked out when she gets him back or is it ok to just take him home? The best part of the story is that yesterday was the owners birthday and she told my son that he had made her day. Thanks Robin


Hi Retta thank you for doing that. I looked in the lost and found of my paper today and the birds owner has been found. Thanks again Robin


My son found an African Grey on Park St N between 22nd ave and 9th ave north today Nov 18. All grey with small red tail. Not too mean. If you lost a bird please contact me at 727-384-2428.My name is Robin


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