Rescued parakeet finds temporary home
Someone may have lost their Mojo, the name given to a stray parakeet
CBC News Posted: Jul 7, 2011 10:19 PM CST

A Regina family has dubbed a rescued parakeet Mojo. CBCA Regina family has taken a lost parakeet into its home.

The small bird was found in a bedraggled state in the front yard of the Schmalz family’s Regina home a little more than a week ago.

“My husband was digging a trench in the front yard and he came running in and he’s like ‘Andrea, you have got to look out the front window!’ And so I look and here’s this little parakeet just hobbling along in this little trench,” Andrea Schmalz told CBC News recently.

The bird was brought inside and before long was set up inside a used bird cage.

Schmalz said the family has been asking around the area about a lost bird, but she still does not know where the animal came from.

The family has given the bird the name Mojo, and some family members are keen to keep it.

“Well if his owner is found, I’m glad but if it’s not I will be OK too because he’s so cute and I love him,” Andrea’s daughter Laikyn said.

See photo of budgie at this link:

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