Wolf-whistling parrot spotted in Millville, captured in photo

MILLVILLE — Less than a mile as the crow flies from where a woman said she spotted a bear Wednesday, another woman spotted another exotic South Jersey visitor Thursday and has photographic proof.

“My friend heard this whistling all day but she ignored it,” said Michie Perez, who owns a house on Fairton Road just off of Route 49 in Millville.

“I got home to let the dogs out, and I heard the whistling too. I ignored it at first but then I whistled back. Then I heard it whistle back at me so I kept looking for what was doing it and it was in a tree,” she said.

In a tall pine tree in her yard she spotted the origin of the noise, an African Grey parrot, although she did not know it at the time.

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  • LOST: NJ, Millville, African Grey ‘Charles’, July 17. 11
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