Just received an email forwarded regarding a “found” cockatiel. Was posted by friends of sunset park in Santa Monica bird is on Pearl & 32nd. There is a photo as well (don’t know how to attach)

November 28th: This non-native bird is in our tree near Pearl and 32nd. It must belong to someone.


Emailed finder these listings…

  • LOST: CA, Agoura Hills, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Peaches’, Nov. 11. 11 1
  • Still LOST: CA, Venice Beach, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Echo’, Sept 08.11
  • LOST: CA, Valley Village, Cockatiel ‘Joey’ (ylw), Aug. 29. 11
  • LOST: CA, Valley Village (Los Angeles), Lutino Cockatiel, Aug 28.11
  • LOST: CA, Long Beach, Cockatiel (gry) ‘Pumpy’, Aug 26.11
  • LOST: CA, Westlake Village, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Kiwi’, early July 2011
  • LOST: CA, Rancho Palos Verdes, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Survivor’, Jun 28.11
  • Still LOST: CA, Van Nuys, Normal Grey Cockatiel ‘Hawk’, Jun 28.11
  • LOST: CA, Santa Fe Springs, Cockatiel, Jun 24.11
  • LOST: CA, North Hollywood, Cockatiel, May 27. 11 posted
  • Email, Still LOST: CA, Hollywood Hills, White Face Cockatiel ‘Pasha’, May 13.11
  • Still LOST: CA, Simi Valley, Baby Normal Gray Cockatiel ‘Bo’, Apr. 30. 11
  • LOST: CA, Simi Valley, Normal Gray Cockatiel ‘Tweetie’, Apr. 18. 11 posted
  • LOST: CA, Simi Valley, Cockatiel ‘Baby’, Apr 16.11
  • LOST: CA, North Hills (SF Valley), Cockatiels (4) (gry/wht), Mar 29.11
  • LOST: CA, Torrance, Cockatiel ‘Twinkles’ (gry), Mar 26.11
  • LOST: CA, Los Feliz (Los Angeles), Cockatiel ‘Moses’, Mar 16.11
  • LOST: CA, Santa Monica, Lutino Cockatiel ‘Olive’, Mar 10.11
  • LOST: CA, Tarzana, Lutino Cockatiel ‘Hisser Spiller Jr’, Mar.10.11
  • Still LOST: CA, Bellflower (Los Angeles), Cockatiel ‘Cuddles’, Dec 25.10

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