• Species: African Grey (See species list for details)
  • Location: Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States 01420
  • Date Found: May 12, 2011
  • Banded: Yes

This is a match for LOST: MA, Fitchburg, Congo African Grey ‘Larry’ (banded), May 12. 11

Hi again Retta,

We have a match!  Band info matches, I’m confident that Larry (Pip…) belongs to Maureen.  We will be meeting on the 13th of next month for a reintroduction and see if there is a lingering bond.  Maureen will make a decision after spending some time with Larry as to whether to uproot her and bring her home or leave her in her new home with us.  Bittersweet, I’m sad that it took so long for her to find us, long enough for us to bond, but I’m thrilled for Maureen that she at least knows her baby was not killed or injured and is enjoying the life she has now.  Thanks for getting that email to me.


Bird was captured by animal control on 5/12/11 – is now being fostered by me and I would like to help this bird & it’s human to be reunited.

Please email your contact info, images of your bird, yourself with the bird, band info (if you have it), list of sounds / behaviors your bird does or makes, the bird’s name, and if you could let me know if it has an avian microchip that would be helpful too. If I can match a few or more sounds or behaviors or the bird reacts to your photo or its name, I will contact you & arrange for a meeting. I cannot release the bird without confirming with Animal Control that we have a positive ID on the owner. Will be seeing a vet in the next few weeks to check for microchipping.

Also – I have limited internet access so if I don’t respond immediately, please give me 24 hours. I will do my best to check as often as possible.

Bird is in excellent condition, not a feather out of place, eating, drinking, & playing. Quiet right now, but was just moved to yet another foreign place so I am sure it is just being cautious and feeling us out.

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