Hi all,
Had an email from Reeta at 911 parrot alert. This was a red collared Lorikeet and I didn’t put that in the ad as I had no other way of getting the owner to identify it (over the phone). Not indigenous to our area and have had experience with people claiming things that aren’t theirs. HAPPY ENDING!!!!
I found the owner! I found put someone was looking for this bird in the local area. The bird went berserk when he saw him – talking , dancing, saying his wife’s name (who is the actual owner). I have no doubt that I gave the Lorikeet to it’s rightful owner. I found their ad in last weeks local paper. They’d almost given up hope it had been almost two weeks. No wonder it was so thirsty and hungry! He did still look a bit worse for wear but was so much more “alive” after a good feed and safe rest.  I’m not sure how many of these groups I contacted but if you pass this message on I’d be grateful. I kinda lost a day to lost birdland & getting the poor little thing settled and safe.
I’d do it again. I’ve done it before. It’s always money I can’t afford but for the sake of an animal who can’t protect itself not to mention the distressed owner. It’s absolutely worth it.
Thank you all for your help.
Ruth / mink
Lake Haven (bird found outside shopping centre there)
NSW. AUS. 2263


found at Lake Haven shopping centre 1/11/2011. Spoke to local pet shops. There was a local pet shop that remembered a woman who rang last week (approx. Wed. 26th October). She was very upset & distressed on the phone. We think this might be the owner.

The bird is an Australian parrot species (you can tell me so I don’t hand it to the wrong person). Thought it was a wild bird at first but it was too engaged with me. It jumped on my head and walked down my arm onto my phone and I managed to catch it. It clung to my chest and seemed to feel safe (unlike a wild bird where I’d feel it’s heart beating madly in fright). Likes it’s head scratched and is molting at the moment. Lovely bird occasionally likes to bite – hard! Was thirsty, hungry and disheveled yesterday afternoon. This morning after water, lorikeet food & safety, it is doing really well! I hope I can find you “owner of the lost bird” especially if you are the woman who rang the pet barn last week. ‘

The guy there lost your number. I’ll keep looking for you.

Mink / Ruth

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