i would like to say thank you to all the nice people who wrote me about giving him a home.
i have found his owner and the two of them were more than happy to see each other. his owners neighbors found my ad on craigslist last night.
for those of you wanting updates on him, this is it i guess. i had so many emails in the past few days i wouldnt even know where to start so im just putting it on here 🙂
well i found out his name is toby, hes 42 years old and he flew over 16 miles to get to me. i asked the lady alot of questions over the phone and she answered them all correctly and then she asked me a few. i could tell he was hers when she told me “he walks up to you at night laying in bed and says “night night?” you say “yes bed time” and he’ll crawl under the sheets”. thats exactly what he did the first night i had him. i brought him home this morning and they were so excited to see each other it makes you want to cry. he flew to her, she hugged him, he gave her kiss’ and kept saying “hi mommy”
im so glad i found him 🙂


was sitting on my porch yesterday and herd this weird noise. i looked up and there was a macaw in my tree! i coaxed it down and its now free range in my house. its very sweet and talks alot. if your missing a hyacinth macaw message me with some details about it and lets see if its yours.
it says the same word over and over again alot. if you can tell me what that word is ill believe that its yours.
looked up a picture of it on google as i do not have a camera.

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