In a few days I may be adopting your lost cockatiel – and I don’t want to do that. If you lost a pied cockatiel in the last 6 months, please go to the MSPCA Boston website and look at the birds available for adoption. This is one of TWO pied cockatiels found and brought to the MSPCA. One was found in Natick, the other South Boston; but they could have been lost hundreds of miles away. A cockatiel was recently reunited with its family 1,500 from home. The second cockatiel is slightly slimmer and cage aggressive because of the stress of being in the wild, on his/her own. He will calm down again when he is reunited or adopted.

Please, if you still have not found your cockatiel, call the MSPCA Boston 617 522 5055 and ask how you can send a photo or see their photo of BOTH birds. (Only one is currently on the website). The birds are not friends; but they are both pied. As much as I would like to adopt one of them – I would much prefer to find their families.

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