Received a call from someone that saw a large bird in the trees in Kennesaw GA. Several bird club people went up to the area yesterday and saw the bird. It is beautiful Military Macaw sitting about 75′ up in a pine tree. I also went up and saw the bird too. I spent over an hour sweet talking, calling, whistling and talking nice Macaw talk to this bird, and to my shock, he/she started to climb down. He stopped after about a 3′ climb and remained there. He was responding to my voice and was calling back to me. The group that went up before me had large stainless steel bowls of water, plastic containers full of nuts (rattling material) bowls of fruit, veggies, etc. He is a good flyer and although he flew a bit, has remained within a 1/2 mile radius. Several club members passed out our bird club cards with contact info, in case the bird comes down. When I realized late yesterday that there was nothing else I could do, I started to walk to my car and the bird called out very loudly to me – – – clearly indicating that he was distressed.

I don’t know what to do. Here in Georgia we cannot get help from fire departments, police, utility companies – – many of us have tried in the past and are flat-out told that for liability reasons, these things will not be done. I’m going back up tomorrow (unfortunately, can’t go to day:( to see if he’s hungry enough to consider flying down . . . usually zig-zag style.

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