• Species: Conure - Sun (See species list for details)
  • Location: Queens, New York, United States 11419
  • Date Found: June 29, 2011
  • Banded: Yes

911PA note: Bird is being fostered by “Still LOST: NJ, Hoboken/Jersey City Heights, Sun Conure ‘Boo Boo’ (banded), May 29.11” …

From Craigslist:

“I am getting ready to move and I am taking this bird with me if no one claims her. I have had her since July of 2011. She was found in Queens but she is living near Hoboken now. You must know the tag number – NO EXCEPTIONS

She is not the lost sun conure I just posted, that is how I got her, someone found her and thought she was my lost bird doo doo.”



The birds is very friendly, We have his band # I know everyone is Nervous about giving their missing bird’s Band # out, so we can easy compare two of the numbers on the band. I want to make sure this beautiful bird is going to the right home.


Emailed these owners…

Still LOST: NJ, Hoboken/Jersey City Heights, Sun Conure ‘Boo Boo’ (banded), May 29.11

Still LOST: NJ, East Orange, Sun Conure ‘Tatuapu’ (banded), Oct. 14. 10

Pic, More Info LOST: NY, Staten Island, Sun Conure ‘Sonny’ (banded), Apr. 09. 11

Phone, LOST: NJ, West Orange, Sun Conure ‘Peach Tree’, Mar 18.11

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