Locale: Westwood Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd
Markings: Yellow crest, tangerine cheeks, white body w grey ‘v’ markings
Additional: Very sweet bird, a cuddler. Loves seeds & nuts, also tiny pieces of apple and leafy vegetables. Responds to her name with a distinctive chirp.


Very sweet female cockatiel ‘Kamala’ flew away today, Thursday 4/14, at 4pm, last seen flying at Wilkins & Midvale. If you’ve found her or think you’ve seen her PLEASE call/text 310.213.7021.

Bird loves people, will hop on your hand if you gently tap her chest from below & will probably flutter onto your shoulder or head. Should respond if you whistle to her with soft chirps. Strong flyer, has never been outside before.

Eats seeds & nuts, also fruit & leafy vegetables cut into tiny pieces. Likely in shock so might hiss. Probably needs water.


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