I an VERY happy to report that my parrot, Baby has returned, a bit worse for wear, but all things considered, she is doing GREAT. It was both the flyers, which were the first things that brought her home and then the Craigslist posting also. It turns out she was next door to my best friend over one block. I live in foothills so that is about 1/2 mile away. I can hardly walk from all the exercise looking for her and it all turned out for the best. Thanks so much. Once I catch my breath I will give all of this another look. Thanks Karen, Grateful mother of beautiful bird, Jan

LOST, 10:00 am Alcalde Rd at Foothill Blvd. a RED TIPWING MINI MACAW. Her name is Baby and she will come when called (usually!). She makes a loud bark type of squak (alrming bell) over and over again. Please call me if you see/hear her

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