Lost 2 parakeets in West Petaluma – both green (petaluma), I lost two parakeets sometime on Sunday. They chewed their way out through a window screen. Both are green, one really neon green (younger and skinny) and the other is a yellowish — army green (fuller and more mature). The bright green one is named Clover and the other one’s name is Scrappy. Both are females and neither is tame. I bought both at PetSmart. I have a bird room which my birds are free to roam and not be cooped up in their cage when we are gone but an escape artist chewed a hole and these two have escaped leaving their friends behind. Have you found a parakeet matching one of these descriptions? I live over near K Street and 5th Street. My home number is 7o7 775 4649. Sheri

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FOUND: CA, Petaluma, Parakeet, Jul 07.11

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