• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Rockridge/Oakland, California, United States 94618
  • Date Lost: February 7, 2011
  • Contact Person: Dadre
  • Phone Number: (510) 841-7617

As of Apr 28.11:
My African Grey Parrot has been missing since February from the Rockridge area. This past Saturday I personally SAW him perched in a tree behind a home in Walnut Creek! My being able to see my bird was due to the kind help of a man who contacted me immediately through Craigslist.
African Grey Parrot escaped recently in Rockridge / Berkeley area. He was spotted so we know he’s still in the area.
He has a bright RED TAIL, and a medium gray body. If he is on the ground, he might step up on your hand. If he flies, please note the direction of his flight, and if/where you saw him land. If you spot him, please contact me right away via Craigslist. Also, please call Claudia at (510) 841-7617 and give the details ONLY directly to her. If you have taken him in, please give him warm water (baby-bottle temperature) and something to eat (no chocolate or avocados). Toast and butter would be fine, for something right away. PLEASE help to return him to his family who loves him dearly. We are absolutely HEART-BROKEN over the loss of our baby boy. Please help him survive and find his way home.
REWARD. If you find him and catch him, PLEASE contact me first! Do NOT release my bird to anyone who you think describes the bird well enough. I can properly identify my parrot and have a sales receipt, vet records, witnesses, know special identifying marks, AND photographs. Plus the bird knows me. I can provide all of the above for proof of ownership. Thank you in advance for your generosity of spirit and consideration.

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