**Match made by 911PA volunteer w/ cooperation from the San Diego Dept of Animal Services. Freddie turn out to be the found bird “Shelter FOUND: CA, San Diego, Lilac Crown Amazon, Jun 24.11”

Email from the shelter: “I know Noelle of my staff already contacted you and thanks to you that parrot will be reunited with its owner.”


LOST PARROT IN CITY HEIGHTS/SD AREA (City Heights and surrounding), LOST PARROT $10 REWARD OR/plus $50 REWARD!! I am offering a $10 reward to anyone who calls me in time for me to get to where Freddie is (while he is still there!) AND and additional $50 if I catch him. He flew off on Fathers Day so he could be in a 5 mile radius of City Heights. Freddie is a LILAC CROWN FINCHES AMAZON PARROT. (about 9″high) GREEN WITH A RED BAND ON HIS FOREHEAD. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE HIM WITH BARE HANDS!! He is afraid and may bite! BUT if you can putr a towel over him carefuly he’ll be ok. HE ANSWERS TO “HI FREDDIE! and to ‘HOW DOES THE PUPPY GO? (he’ll say…”RUFF!) PLEASE HELP. call Carlos
Emailed owner about this listing:
Shelter FOUND: CA, San Diego, Lilac Crown Amazon, Jun 24.11

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