Thanks to Pauline and her very nice family, Lucky, our African grey was recovered today (6/17) after flying away(6/13). We were starting to lose hope after awhile. Posting Ads in Craigslist everyday hoping to receive an e-mail or call, but after the week went on, our hope just started running low.
But today, we get a call saying our bird is in the backyard of a beautiful house eating plums and being petted. We could not believe it! We thought if we ended up finding lucky, he would at least be beat up a little bit (maybe by other birds or weather) but when we picked him up, He was looking better than ever ready to come home!

We are so thankful to have found our little baby, and to anyone who lost their bird as well, Just think positive. It might take a while but birds are definitely smarter than we think and will adapt to their environment.

Well this message is just a thank you to everyone who helped us look for our bird, and for those who have lost theirs, NEVER GIVE UP.

Signing off-

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