Message received from the owner and sent to one of our volunteers at Perroquetsecours :

Dear Caro,

Thank you very much for offering to help in our search for Chili, our dear African Grey! It was with great relief that I found her this morning. A wonderful observant lady in our area reported a sighting of her from the previous evening and was able to help me narrow my search. Chili and I always communicate in our home with a specific whistle and that really paid off this morning. My whistle was finally returned and I was able to quickly hone in on her. The temperature had gone down to 6C when I spotted her perched and shivering on a deck railing at 6:00am. I’m not sure who was more happy to see whom but it was a very warm welcoming!! Thank you on behalf of all bird lovers. I am so grateful to all who helped in the search.

Very Warm Regards,

Derrice Knight



Please help us find our missing girl! her name is Chili and has she decided to explore the great outdoors. Now she can’t find her way home and must be very scared. PLEASE, if you see a beautiful grey parrot with an amazing red tail, please call us with a location so we can bring her home. Any information is helpful. Please call 403-589-0343 if spotted. Thanks!


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