NOTE: The pic at this link shows Sonny to be banded.

Sonny is a 16 year old male Indian Ringneck who snuck out of
his harness and flew away after getting spooked by a car. He
was on my shoulder at the time and we were headed back into
the house, so please do no assume that I left him outside

He knows the “sexy” whistle, can say hello and has a very
unique personality for a ringneck. He loves to be pet, but
hates his tail and wings to be touched. He can scream like a
crow but it’s a little off, making his calls very distinct.

He LOVES bananas and sunflower seeds. He doesn’t trust other
people very easily, but after being out he may react much
differently. He tends to respond to whistles and “hello”
very easily but may be too scared to do so now.

If you believe you have heard him, or you know someone who
thinks they may have heard him, or any other possible sign,
please let us know! Something is always better than nothing.


Sonny is very personable but does not always trust strangers. He has a quirky and amusing attitude and voice to match. He says “hello” and loves loves loves bananas and sunflower seeds.

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